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15 Feb 1. Who initiates contact between the two of you? He or she does. This person is always calling or texting me. We both do. It's pretty evenly matched. We both do, although I definitely initiate more often than he or she does. I do. I'm always looking for reasons to contact him or her. This quiz was created by people with insight into the mind of females. We know the signs of girls flirting and crushing. If you like that girl next door or the popular girl at school, or any other girl, this is the quiz to find out if shes into you. she completly ignores me. she walks away. 5. When you first see her, what does she do?. 15 Mar I'm a girl and a lot of my guy friends are always complaining about how they don't understand girls. So I thought I would make your life easier by She only talks to me if she has to. Most of the time I start the conversation, but she Does she ever flirt with you? (Like make fun of you, wink, or compliment you.

From the internet Dude, come on. Once every few days or so. Man, I'm talking to her right now. Pretty well, but I couldn't write a biography. Not much past her name I know the vague basics. Ever heard of a soul mate? I think twice or so I am attracted to her but it's nothing obsessive. Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be outside her bedroom window, would I? Pretty much, but she's had her bad read more. Yeah, I'm definitely into her.

No, I wouldn't feel comfortable even bickering over something. A lot, actually, I think she's still bitter over it. Once, but it wasn't too heated. No, but we've done the whole "mean flirt" thing. Well, that requires contact of some sort I don't like her taste but, hey, it doesn't bother me. I have no clue what she listens to. I can't stand what she listens to, but whatever. Well, it's hard to read an I-Pod screen from -that- far away.

We both like the same bands, even the same songs. There's gotta be something, right? Our schedules are in sync. Sure, we Is She Flirting With Me Quiz find a movie or whatever.

I've hung out with her every day, she just doesn't know it yet. Not really, but it's more because I don't know her so well. How would that turn out if everybody hung out? It's okay if you don't know her friends and read more versa, maybe you can assume I mean, you're probably already assuming she might like you.

I'm sure Is She Flirting With Me Quiz be fine. I don't know, her friends really annoy me. Maybe we'd get along, I don't know them. Her friends are my friends. Her friends have warned her to get tinted windows Alright, let's get a bit more personal. What type of life style do you live right now compared to hers? We both share the same motto. She'd despise me if she knew my life style.

They're different but nothing's unforgivable.

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I'm not sure, they wouldn't clash too badly. They're polar opposites but we still get along.

I'm religious, she's not or she's religious, I'm not. She's devout Christian, I'm sacrificing a goat tonight Same basic morals, that's what counts.

We could go to church together.

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Oh, I'm going to Hell without her. Yeah, but it's not the traditional sense. We do, but it's subtle or to kill time. If she only knew what I think of her in my dreams All the time, it can get pretty heated in a good way.

Not really, we don't know each other well enough.

Is She Flirting With Me Quiz

No, I'm pretty sure she actually avoids me. I've caressed her hair from the collection I've made. We've bumped shoulders, it was a legit accident. Yeah, we've been close enough to have sexual tension.

Alright, now time for the body language.

Is She Flirting With Me Quiz

We'll start with the basics- how's the eye contact? She makes eye contact when we're talking but her eyes wander. She'll stare but dart her eyes away if I catch her isn't that cute. No, I blended into the wall. She sometimes shamelessly stares.

No, I wouldn't feel comfortable even bickering over something. Like all girls, I did this as if I was my crush and afar I think is noticeable. But for the girl that made this is there any chance she likes me?

When she was lecturing me, yeah. How about her hair? Will she play with it while talking to you twirl it around her finger, swipe it away from her neck, push it out of her eyes? Oh yeah, she's probably given herself bad hair days. No, but she did have an itch once Does when she combs it at night count? Yeah, but I think it was because her hair was messed up.

Does she like you?

Now that you mention it She smiles and she laughs if it's funny. Yeah, a lot now that you make me think about it I have her laugh recorded on tape Sure, she's smiled while talking to me with eye contact. I guess so, but I don't want to be cocky. Maybe, but it might've been legitimate? No, I go out of my way to see her.

A couple of times, really, really obvious times. So we've covered the whole distance thing, but, has she been the one to move closer to you? No, she's even waited 'til I left the area to proceed No, but I'm always a short distance away from her sans restraining order. Yeah, but she really did need to grab that one thing Oh yeah, but she hasn't made a legitimate move.

What type of life style do you live right now compared to hers? I think we are just friends. They're polar opposites but we still get along. Delete this comment Cancel. Did you ever talk to her about one of those things?

A couple times, it may or may not be legit. No, actually she's done the opposite. Nah, but I'm not surprised. In my mind, all the time.

Alright, so I digress. Back to the whole idea of body language. Does she lean in a lot even when you know she can hear you? Sometimes but it's never too obvious. Nope, she leans back usually. She may as well be on my How about things that seem like nervous ticks? Does she straighten her clothes out a lot, mess with her jewelry, maybe even flash a lil' skin subtly while readjusting? Nope, I think she really does have a nervous tick though. Yeah, to the point where it can weird me out.

A few times during our more involved conversations. The shirt was pretty small on her Why am I even bothering?