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Was Forced Wear Diaper A To I

Hephzibah House-Being Forced to Wear Diapers

Is anyone else forced to wear diapers that does not want to wear diapers ?

Giving up, I just let it out into my already messy diaper and feel the warm stream of urine mix with the now mostly hardened mess causing it to become mushy again. I continue standing, scared that my diaper wouldn't hold the mess if I sat down, but eventually my legs grow tried, and I'm forced to sit on the floor. As my diaper. I Was Forced To Wear Diapers: A true, personal story from the experience, I Wear Diapers. This week was harsh. I was on babysit duty. My neighbors wanted to go on vacation so they choose me to babysit. I had to babysit one child. A 6 year old brat that was still in diapers. Her name was Je. This Is about a boy who is kidnapped and is forced by a small gang to be their slave. Charlie gets diapered, tied up, spanked, and forced to get his friend involved as well. This story is about 4 kids that are kidnapped and forced to do things they dont want.

Daddy Luke has decided he's had enough of your bed wetting and chooses to punish you with diapers. I woke up to a warm, wet sensation all around my crouch area.

I flipped over on my stomach not paying attention to it immediately, only to feel a cool sensation on my bum as the cold morning air hit it. I finally sit up to find just what I dreaded, I had wet the bed. I sighed knowing my boyfriend, Luke, was going to be pissed since this wasn't the first time this week. Just as I'm about I Was Forced To Wear A Diaper stand up, the door swings open and my boyfriend pops his head in.

You really visit web page to learn to control yourself better," he sighed crossing his arms over his chest. So, go to the bathroom," he demands a stern look on his face. I stand there in horror unable to move. As I walk past him, he gives a sharp slap to my bum before following behind.


Yesterday she had another cook out with three couples that have been long friends of mine and the nieghbors. Please note by submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service and the comment you are posting is in compliance with such terms. I slowly woke up and realized I was in a crib. This is what you get.

Once in the bathroom, continue reading pulls out a fold up changing mat and places it on the ground. I slowly lower my self onto it scared of what would happen if I didn't. I already bought some diapers yesterday since I already knew you were going to wet your bed again sometime, but I'm definitely going to need more at the rate you're wetting.

So, we'll go to the store later today and pick you up some more," he explains pulling out a thick, white diaper with babyish prints covering it along with a box of wipes and baby powder.

He begins to pull down my soggy pants, and I squirm in disagreement.

I Was Forced To Wear A Diaper

Next he unfolds the large diaper and places it underneath me. Every time I shift slightly there's an audible crinkle. Next, he applied a large coat of baby powder explaining how he didn't want his baby girl to get a rash before taping all three tabs of my diaper to the front.

At first, I wobble slightly not used to the thickness between my thighs, but Luke read article steadies me and leads me into the hall. I try to walk into our bedroom to grad some clothes, but he jerks me back.

It was humiliating enough to have to wear diapers let alone not be able to cover them.

Naughtiness and Throwing Out Nappies

He guides me to the couch, and when I sit down, I can feel all the air from in between the padding of the diaper disperse causing me to sink down. If you break any of the rules you will be punished," he states and he pulls out a piece of paper and begins to read it," Rule 1: Meaning, that you will use your diapers for their intended purposes whenever you need to go.

I Was Forced To Wear A Diaper

If we are out in public, you may be clothed in the outfit of my choice, but as soon as we're home, pants off. I will decide when you need a change. Diapers aren't cheap so you will get the full use out of them.

If you break any of these rules, a punishment will be administered. Punishments can range from spankings to enemas. Now that we've established that, let's get my baby girl some breakfast in her tumtum," he smirks before picking me up on his hip.

He walked into the kitchen and places me on the floor. So until then, daddy will hold you while you eat," he explains walking over to the counter to make a bowl of oatmeal.

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Once it was done, I saw him slip a few pills into it before placing it on the table next to a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast. He walks over and picks me up before putting me on his lap at the table. There, despite my resistance, he begins spoon http://1dating.info/fufe/i-love-you-more-with-each-passing-day-poems.php me the goopy oatmeal while he enjoyed his hardy breakfast.

After breakfast, he fixes me a bottle and adds the same tablets he added to my breakfast in it. He carried me into the living room and switched on the tv before attempting to shove the nipple of the bottle into my mouth.

Not wanting a spanking, I obediently start sucking the milky liquid out of the bottle. We cuddle and watch Disney movies for about the next hour until I feel a cramping in my bowels. Thinking back to this morning, I realize the pills were laxatives. Before I answer, I sprint upstairs determined to use the toilet. Once I reach the bathroom, I jiggle the handle only to find it locked.

I turn around to see Luke just standing there smirking. I really have to use the bathroom," I complain as the urgency increased, and I feel the mess almost slip out. I move around trying to hold it, but eventually the pain becomes to much to bare, and I just let it all go. A wave of relief rushes over my bowels, but it's to soon replaced by the discomfort of a warm stream of semisolid diarrhea flooding into my diaper. The smell soon takes over, and I feel myself gagging it was so awful.

Since it was your first mess, I though I would be nice and change you immediately, but I think we should enjoy your dirty diaper.

He sits on the bed and pats his knee for me to sit on. I slowly walk over, diaper sagging behind me, and sit on his knee causing the mess to spread all over my bum. The mess begins to spread all up the front of the diaper and even onto my lower back as he speeds up. I Was Forced To Wear A Diaper the end of it, there's not an centimeter of my diaper that is not covered in the I Was Forced To Wear A Diaper sticky goopy mess I made.

Even a little had come out my diaper and made a spot on Daddy's leg. I guess next time we're going to have to double diaper you. I don't want the whole house smelling just because you can't follow simple rules, and try not get any poopoo on any furniture," he instructs walking out of the room.

As I stand there, I feel the milk from earlier starting to link effect. Giving up, I just let it out into my already messy diaper and feel the warm stream of urine mix with the now mostly hardened mess causing it to become mushy again.

Christmas and the Magic PJs

I continue standing, scared that my diaper wouldn't hold the mess if I sat down, but eventually my legs grow tried, and I'm forced to sit on the floor. As my diaper touches the ground, the now messy and soaked padding, presses against my already tender skin. I sit there waddling in my own mess like a baby until Daddy comes back. He changes me while exclaiming how he didn't realize such a tiny girl could make such a big mess and about how it was so stinky he thought he was going to have to start wearing a mask.

After the humiliating and humbling diaper change, daddy picks me up and carries me on to couch for a day of movies, junk food, and cuddling.

For the first time a really relaxed and began to except me role as the baby. I sat in my highchair and watched them make blueberry pancakes. When I say like a toddler it is because she keeps referring to " having" to diaper me like a toddler. Once again I was taken out of my shirt and pants.

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