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Wishing revenge & karma on your ex narcissist

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I've received a lot of queries lately from people asking how they can get revenge against their Narcissist that left them. Confucius. Why Any Revenge Strategy Against a Narcissist Will Ultimately Fail .. My revenge was immediate, after the discovery of what may have been his next woman (I didnt stick around to find out) . The person I am now wouldn't have tried to take revenge on my narcissistic ex. You only ever get sucked in by a narcissist or a BPD girl when you have low self- esteem. . You see if I'd done it, he'd have dumped her, she'd have been angry but she'd have moved on to one of the back-ups she inevitably had in store. This crushed me but I am pretty much over it and have accepted it. I know your thinking why does this guy want a narcissistic girl back? well thing is I love her and want to help her with life and also I have a lot of love for her family and I know they have love for me and I feel as though our relationship wasn't supposed to end.

How To Get Back At A Narcissist Woman

This question is a search term which someone used online which brought them to my blog. I could relate my own experiences of the narcissists whom I have know and had to live with and deal with. But I did not go down the revenge route, other than the living well is the best revenge path and it took me ages to figure that out and then do it.

I could scroll through my memory banks for times when people managed to get the upper hand over my parents. Recalling what those people did to get their victory over my parents is harder than recalling the consequences of it. Their egos are huge, hyper-sensitive and very prone to being damaged by the slightest thing, which is why they can go from sugary sweet or immensely charming to viciously vitriolic in a blink of an eye.

That good mood is a superficial veneer which covers an inner seething. Someone getting a victory over a narcissist tends to trigger all those things which lead to the black hole mood. And if the victor thinks they can get far and fast enough away from the consequences of their victory over a narcissist… maybe they can, but appearances can be deceiving, and the narcissist is not the only one who deceives with appearances.

My parents tended to get obsessed by those who scored a victory over them, and would spend an inordinate amount of time plotting their revenge to get back at the person who had bested them.

I got to be the fly on the wall stuck in the room with no way outthe captured audience the Stockholm Syndrome childof not only their rage and fury, misery, hate and engulfing self-pity, but also their plots to get revenge on the victor. Narcissists love to talk and talk and talk and talk, about the same thing over and over and over and over again. When they are focused on one person, they will Hookup Too Long To Get Married that person to death, often also plotting their demise and smiling with pleasure at their own fantasies, while feeling perfectly justified doing it.

In the land of a real click here, the bad guy is everyone else, they are the hero of their own story and reality. Their reality is the only reality. Anyone who disagrees is a villain.

If you want to never ever get a narcissist out of your life, out of your head, out of your heart, out from under your skin, then engage them in one of their favourite pasttimes — the revenge games.

They will thrive, feeding off your obsession with them. Your heart will become hard and black like charcoal, and will burn and burn with an eternally dark flame.

Tete a Tete by Laurie Lipton. That will hurt… perhaps more than anything else. The thought that you may be a part of what they have been doing to you will be a parasitic doubt which will eat you up from the How To Get Back At A Narcissist Woman out.

How can I win my ex narcissistic girlfriend back?

What made you stay and engage in a battle which is never-ending? Go No Contact as recommended? Some things are easier said than done, some advice is easier to give than receive and even harder to apply, some things are easier asked than answered.

And what if you can win this?

How To Get Back At A Narcissist Woman

What if victory is just over the horizon, around the next corner, the finish line is up ahead next to the end of the rainbow … and you give up just moments before you could have claimed victory and a pot of gold?

If the narcissist goes silent, retreats and appears to have accepted your superior skills of vengeance over theirs… like with everything else that a narcissist does, this is just a facade. They are regrouping their forces, rethinking their tactics, and researching new ways to get back at you. They may have moved in on your territory socially, and slowly taken over, infiltrating themselves into every nook and cranny which you thought was yours and was free from them.

Such as befriending your best friend, slowly poisoning their mind against you. They may have joined a club to which you belong, and where you go to relax and recuperate from your battle with the narcissist. It may even be a place where you go to get support. If a narcissist accuses How To Get Back At A Narcissist Woman of being the narcissist, they will do it far more effectively than you.

They become the information. They will have studied every trait which defines a victim of a narcissist and they will embody every trait, until they are the ultimate victim who has experienced more pain and abuse than any other victim ever.

They are very competitive and victimhood is a fierce competition for them, one which they intend to win, and they will stop at nothing to win it. So, in your quest for vengeance against a narcissist, you may end up becoming the very monster which you were fighting.

And the narcissist will win… again. Use your search engine, use it wisely. And narcissists can be those offering you a cure to heal from narcissistic abuse. Trust your instincts, trust your intuition, trust yourself before you trust someone else and what they are offering you, especially if they are offering you a miracle cure — a favourite of narcissists. I will however suggest watching — Web Therapy this links you to the wiki page, which links you to the official site — videos are here for free online — by Lisa Kudrow, Don Roos and Dan Bucatinsky.


Of course none of this is relevant if the narcissist whom you are fighting, against whom you wanted revenge, is not an actual narcissist. It is the story of a rather narcissistic young man who is living his life with little thought for anything other than getting his rocks off, notches on his bed post which feed his ego, having a fit body and seeing himself as being rather great from the outside, using the people around him to support his self-image.

Then one day he meets link young woman who turns his world upside down. She is smart, beautiful, charismatic, and… in love with romantic films.

She wants him to become the ideal she has of what a man should be for her — someone who does everything she tells him to do and makes her feel good about herself because of it.

She is a narcissist, most likely a real one, the NPD kind of narcissist. She dumps him the moment he disappoints her expectations of him.

8 Effective Ways to Outsmart a Narcissist – Life, Health, Career Coaching

He has done her wrong… she does absolutely nothing wrong. She has no empathy or sympathy for him or anyone else. This experience forces him to self-reflect and look deeper into himself and how he is living his life.

It is an excellent film, and has a poignant ending. Please be careful when accusing someone of being a narcissist. Pause… and reflect… and self-reflect. If they have caused you pain you may experience them as being a narcissist, but that does not mean that they are a real narcissist.

It has taken me three and a half years before I can finally start to appreciate and act upon words like these. Remember that you will always be their narcissistic supply and on their off days, they will shadow their wrath on you like they did in the past. This is what makes getting revenge on a narcissist so provocative… because of how overtly and blatantly manipulative they are.

Pain is a very narcissistic experience and we can end up causing more pain, passing our wound on to others in a similar manner that real narcissists do. Rather than seeking revenge on a narcissist… figure out what living well means to you.

Stop focusing your attention on them… redirect it onto yourself. Update — I have recently come across an excellent blog which also has a Link channel for those who prefer the spoken word, and the author of the blog has written books for those who prefer books.

This is the blog — Knowing the Narcissist. This is his Youtube channel — Knowing the Narcissist — Youtube. The author is a Narcissist — he states this in his bio, but before you run away, pause a minute, many victims of Narcissists have claimed to have found healing and help in their recovery through reading his posts read the comments on his posts. I find his posts to be informative. He is also rather patient, compassionate, and understanding for a Narcissist. Please be respectful — do not go there to bash a Narcissist, he is not your Narcissist.

In my country of residence, food is a common gift. If you are new to the community, the wife of the boss, a teacher or someone who has some standing, people send food gifts. It should not be that way. Food is also control. If I send you breakfast every morning, you owe me something. Usually, the narcissist will choose what they plan to demand.

In my case, one narcissists lady did not own a vehicle, and I did. So she How To Get Back At A Narcissist Woman me to take her shopping all the time. She pushed me to spend money on things I did not want and often when we were in a public place had large bills of her own to pay and asked to borrow money. Taxis and auto rickshaws were cheap, and I was happy enough to pay for the auto or a taxi, but she demanded my husband take us shopping in our van.

He has work to do. A narcissists may have other reasons for sending food. If you get used to accepting their food gifts and depend on them, they love not bringing something one day. Ah, they can make you suffer!

Feel free to read more articles to learn to distinguish normal narcissistic behavior from pathological narcissism which is a permanent disorder in thinking that has no cure. And I will have to live with that part. At this point I had gotten used to her punishment phases.

They can catch you off guard and embarrass click here inconvenience you. Whatever their reason for bringing food, it ends up being for control over you.

That is an insightful story. They have an instinct for it too. Narcissist are not born, they are made, and they observed how those who made them wielded control over them. They are the classic abuse victim who grows up to be the abuser and victimiser of others. And the wound gets passed on and on until someone refuses to do it — which can be hard click do.

Certain cultural rituals can be very narcissistic. I used to live in a country which used food in a similar manner as the way you have described. To reject food when it was offered was considered a deeply offensive insult.

Like Liked by 1 person. I had a perfectly detailed revenge on a narc planned, just ready to be put into action, How To Get Back At A Narcissist Woman suddenly it crosses my mind that engaging in vengeance implies admitting the person still lingers in your memory, so I decided to keep the non contact phasis for ever and know I could have fully exposed him had I really desired to do so.

Having a sense of power over your narcissist can aid in recovery and healing. Should you be tempted again, you might find that this website — https: It is written by a narcissistic sociopath, and he explains clearly how narcissists view those with whom they have relationships. Different tactics work with different narcissists, and it depends on the type of narcissist they are, on the particular scenario, and on the relationship between you and the narcissist. They might even find your tactic amusing, and adopt it — narcissists will often take note of the tactics which others have used on them which have been effective, and they add it to their repertoire.

For this kind of narcissist any victory which you have over them is a slight which must be repaid.