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How to Get Girls To Approach YOU

3 Easy Ways to Get a Girl's Attention (with Pictures)

You met an amazing girl. She's beautiful Nothing's worse than getting shoved into the friend zone or getting so nervous to impress that you scare her away indefinitely. To make sure that Pay close attention to what she tells you and try to ask follow-up questions to show you're interested in what she has to say. She'll feel. 3 Jun This article is brought to you by AXE logo - Credit: AXE (What's this?) OK, so you have successfully secured a number of dates, but that doesn't mean the hard work is over. While she may like you, it doesn't mean she will accept second best — which makes this a very important stage of your relationship. So, any time you catch a girl doing something that you read as her trying to make you notice her and pay attention to her, you can guess, with some degree of accuracy, that she's probably interested in you. That's the metric you use to figure out how to get a girl's attention: you look for girls trying to get yours. The more of that.

While you can't actually force anyone to like you, there are simple ways to make yourself more interesting to the opposite sex. With a little effort on your part, plus a good dose of self-belief and a willingness to go out on a limb, you just may find yourself attracting the girl of your dreams.

Go on, go and get her with your positive attitude, and caring, calm attentiveness. The best way to make a girl attracted to you is to smile at her and be confident when you approach her. Try starting a conversation casually by telling her a funny or personal story. When she talks, show her you care by giving her your undivided attention and listening to what she has to say.

Show passion about your goals or interests and be upbeat and positive throughout your interactions. Look your best by developing a grooming routine and staying fit. Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow.

If you go out wearing the same dirty clothing that you wore yesterday, it will appear that you don't care and might make her think that you're not actually interested source that you don't value her opinion enough. Slightly more energy is okay, too. Women are more likely to be attracted to a man that is driven, has a purpose, and knows what he wants from life.

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Take the time to comb your hair and have a neat, clean cut appearance. It will convince the girl that you've made an effort for her, which tells her she is special to you.

If you go out wearing the same dirty clothing that you wore yesterday, it will appear that you don't care and might make her think How To Get A Girl Interested you're not actually interested or that you don't value her opinion enough.

10 Psychological Signs a Girl Likes you - How to tell if she’s attracted!

Wear a little cologne. Just don't overdo it or it will be overpowering. You want her to focus on you, not the overwhelming scent around you. A smile can help relax the tension when you are just getting to know someone. It says you're confident and having fun. A good smile can even make you seem more successful.

When people are really happy and having fun, it usually is the eyes that express the emotion to others. Smiling too quickly can seem contrived.

When you smile, slowly pull back the corners of your mouth. You don't need to be ripped, just eat right and exercise to keep your body in good shape. Women are more likely to find a man attractive if he takes care of himself. It will help you to feel more confident too.

Get your rest, too. You may not realize how much the dark circles under your eyes make you less attractive, but women do. Don't worry about see more you can say or how you can dress to make women like you.

Focus on what you can do to improve yourself. Success goes further than being wealthy. How To Get A Girl Interested you want to learn more, or sing in a band click climb a mountain.

The kind of guy who goes after these dreams is the kind of guy that will have more success attracting women. Even if you aren't feeling very confident yet, fake it until you make it. Look her in the eyes, stand up straight and keep your hands out of your pockets. Even though girls admire confidence, don't gloat so much come across as self-absorbed. Men that are relaxed are more attractive than those that are stressed out. Approach her from the side or the front. Be sure that she can see you coming.

When you approach from behind a woman, it can set off her protective instinct. Approach from the front so she won't feel alarmed.


Strike up a conversation. Talking to girls can take guts, but it's something you're going to have to do to make a girl interested in you. Just power through the initial awkwardness. It may take you some time to get used to starting up a natural conversation, but the more you attempt to approach women the better you will be at it. Don't use a pick-up line. She probably heard it before. Shake her hand gently, too. If you're at school or somewhere and she is talking with a group of friends, move nearby so as to overhear the conversation.

Then interrupt to ask a question about their conversation. It doesn't even matter what they are saying. For example, if she says something like, "It was such a good movie," just interrupt and ask "what movie? Keep your opener simple. Don't dive in with compliments, or How To Get A Girl Interested an awkward conversation about the weather. Start a conversation as naturally as possible, like you're chatting up someone you already know.

Tell her a funny personal story. You can even make one up ahead of time. If you can make her laugh right away she will likely enjoy your company. Use an indirect opener. An indirect opener can let you start a conversation while staying under the radar. For example try saying, "What is a good place to get a drink around here? After you talk with her for awhile, you can ask her to go to the place she suggested.

If you're younger and approaching a girl in school, there are How To Get A Girl Interested of opportunities to open a conversation. For example, whether you have a class together or not ask, "Don't we have a class together?

Then, ask her name and keep the conversation going.

How To Get A Girl Interested

Try a situational opener. Depending on where you are, you might start a conversation by pointing out something around you. For example, if there is music playing you can ask "Do you know who sings this song?

Don't try too hard to memorize pickup lines or work from some script. It will only clog up your brain and make it hard to have a comfortable conversation. The only way to get better at talking to women is to practice until you get comfortable doing it. Once you have a little success, you will start to build more confidence and find that approaching girls is not as hard as you once believed.

Listen to what she is saying. Converse with her by asking questions and making comments about what she is saying.

Hey! Chase Amante here.

You should always go the extra mile to keep the conversation going if you are interested. Ask open-ended questions that require more than link yes or no answer to keep her talking more and telling you more about herself.

For example, instead of asking if she likes music, ask "Who are your favorite musicians? Don't go looking around at other girls, or the room, or even your cell phone.

Enjoy interacting with this attractive, friendly girl whose path crossed yours. If yes, then take that jumper, smile and flirt a little. So if you want to have any shot of getting a girl to chase you, then you must not over-text. In other words, stay fit without being obsessive or a pair of walking biceps.

If you make positive noises, like "uh huh" or "right" during her pauses it will prevent you from seeming cold and encourage her to keep talking. It doesn't matter what you say as long as she feels like she keeps hearing more reasons to talk to you.

Be funny, or let her see your life is exciting, or that you are incredibly smart, or successful or romantic. If you can keep showing her you possess positive qualities and bring them to the conversation, she will be anxious to keep you around and learn more about you.

You might be a total tough guy and maybe it has worked for you in the past. A girl may need to see that there is more to a guy before she is attracted to him.

How To Get A Girl Interested

Even if you don't really think you have a soft side, you may need to show her one. Talk about something that made you sad, or when you tried to do the right thing but failed. Find a story about yourself that will let her feel she is getting to know the real you and show her you have an emotional side. Don't be an open book. While it is good to open up, know when to shut it down.

You don't want to talk too much about your shortcomings, or bring a negative tone to the conversation. Talk about what you really care most about and let her see how much it matters to you.

Women are more likely to be attracted to a man that is driven, has a purpose, and knows what he wants from life.

You can talk about places you really want to travel to and where you have been.