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The Walking Dead: Season 50

The Walking Dead: Who Will Andrea Hook Up With Next?

31 Mar That said, this is The Walking Dead. This show is not conventional by any means — and we know that as actors going in. So you roll with it. You show up, you do the best job you can, and you honor the storytelling. Overall, this has been an extraordinary experience and I just feel so blessed to have been a. When Glenn Rhee and Rick Grimes enter the department store, Andrea greets Rick with a handgun, angry at his recklessness, which has riled up the zombies who now surround the building. She calms down and puts away her gun. Later, she and Rick speak about her sister, Amy back at the camp. She points out a. 11 Nov While Lori Grimes often was the woman that fans loved to hate because of her affair with Shane, there is another Walking Dead female survivor who seems to have questionable taste in relationships. Lori wasn't the only one who hooked up with Shane, as Andrea also had a fling with 1dating.info a Talking [ ].

Here We Remain to Volume Andrea is the older sister of Amy and a tough and very skilled woman, being very talented with firearms, and becoming one of the group's key defenders because of that. Once the Atlanta camp fell and she was faced with the death of her sister, she formed a relationship with Dalewho both later adopted Ben and Billy after their father 's death. After the deaths of Ben, Billy, and later Dale, she mourned and moved on, forming a romantic relationship with Rickand becoming a mother figure to his son, Carl.

Andrea is a member of the survivor group, and a central character within The Walking Dead series. She is a prominent figure within the survivors. She graduated from college and worked as a clerk at a law firm. She also had a younger sister named Amy, who was two years younger than Andrea.

Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead

The two sisters considered this a way to bond, and despite the long journey it had become a sort of ritual for them. Along the way, Andrea's car broke down and she was forced to pull to the side of the road.

The Walking Dead's Biggest Mistake

The two sisters were the first of the this web page to be picked up by Dalewho had been driving along in his RV and noticed the two women were stranded. Andrea was one of the first survivors from the camp at the outskirts of Atlanta to truly adapt to the new post-apocalyptic world order.

She quickly became one of the most useful and utilized members of the group. Her most prominent skill is her proficiency as a sharpshooter. Throughout the series this has come in handy against both the living and the dead being one of the most lethal members of the group. She has also at many times taken up the role of teaching other survivors how to shoot like Tyreese at the prison and various members of the Alexandrian community.

Because of this skill she often has taken up as a position as the click for the group. Andrea has been consistently resolute despite all the tragedies that have occurred throughout the series.

She is brave and loyal to her allies, not only is she willing to risk her life for her allies she often goes out of her way to do so. The most notable example of this is when she returns alone to help protect the members of the community who remained at the prison for the assault led by the governor a more recent example would be her risking her life Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead save Eugene Porter when he found himself surrounded by walkers.

Andrea has been in two long term post apocalyptic relationships, with Dale and then Rick Grimes. She also took an adoptive motherly role to Ben and Billy and now has become a mother figure to Carl Grimes. Andrea and Amy traveled with Dale to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. By the time they got to the city however, it had already this web page overrun with zombies.

They instead set up a campsite along the outskirts of the city, which soon attracted many other survivors, the first of these being a man named Allenhis wife Donnaand their twin sons Billy and Ben.

A day later, Andrea attends a group target practice and quickly becomes the best shooter of the lot, impressing both Rick and Shane. The next night, after the the group discuss their lives before the apocalypse, Amy is bitten by a zombie that took her by surprise. Andrea quickly rushes to Amy's aid, but, she is too late, Amy bleeding Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead seconds after Andrea arrives to help.

Andrea continues to weep over her sister's death, despite the camp being quickly surrounded by zombies and attacked. After the zombie group is dealt with, Andrea shoots Amy in the head, wanting to prevent her from reanimating into a zombie. The next day, Andrea is seen grieving at Amy's funeral. After the rest of the group say their last words, Andrea refuses to head back to camp, staying at Amy's grave despite the freezing weather. After eventually returning to camp, Andrea isolates herself in Dale's RV.

Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead

Dale tries to comfort her, but, she refuses to reply, sitting it silence, even missing the chance to see Jim off, after the group leave him to turn in a nearby forest after he was bitten in the zombie attack the night before. After the death of Shane, and Tyreese's introduction the group, along with his family, Andrea finally starts to accept Amy's death, growing closer to Dale over the coming weeks of travel on the road, even being the first to rush to his rescue when he is nearly bitten by a frozen zombie.

Andrea, along with the rest of the group, later discover the Wiltshire Estates and decide to make it a new home. After a house in the estate is cleared of zombies, Andrea, and the rest of the group, decide to make it their temporary home for the night. As Donna is making a trip around the house to deliver extra blankets, she finds Andrea and Dale engaging in sexual intercourse, finally forming a relationship between the two.

Not wanting to interrupt, Donna leaves the two alone and heads back to her own room. The next day, after a massive zombie group emerge from the depths of the estates and kill Donna, Andrea quickly gathers most of the group up and gets them onto the RV, quickly evacuating the now overrun Wiltshire Estates. Later that week, after Carl has been shot through the stomach, Andrea, and the rest of group, travel to Hershel Greene 's farmin hope that he can treat Carl's injury.

While on the farm, Andrea confronts Allen over Donna's death, telling him that he needs to get over it for Ben and Billy's sake. This causes Allen to snap and scream at her, telling her that she does not understand Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead he is going through.

Andrea responds by telling him that she lost her sister, friends, and family, saying she knows perfectly well what he is going through and he needs to get over it. He ignores this and tells her to go away.

After this encounter, Andrea tries to apologize to Allen the next day. However, this causes Allen to become even more annoyed at Andrea, telling her to leave him alone again. Dale tries to defend Andrea, but, she tells him not to bother, apologizing to Allen before leaving. A day later, after an incident at Hershel's barn, the zombies locked inside How To Impress Girl In Hindi Language and devour two of Hershel's children; Lacey and Arnold.

Andrea helps the group kill the zombies and later decides with the rest to move into Hershel's barn.

The Walking Dead: Who Will Andrea Hook Up With Next?

Andrea visits Dale in his RV, asking him if he is ready to move into the barn. He tells her that he will be there soon, wanting to clean learn more here RV up a little, saying his deceased wife, Erma, would throw a fit if see saw the current state of the RV.

However, this comment causes Andrea to retract a little, clearly upset at Dale mentioning his wife. He apologizes, saying he really does love Andrea, helping to ease her regrets over their relationship. After Hershel kicks the group off his farm, Andrea and Dale going scouting ahead of the group, hoping to find nearby supplies and a place to hold-up in for the night.

After a few minutes of searching, the duo Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead across a prisonboth of them thinking it could be used as a new home for the group and they alert the others to it's presence, the group deciding to clear-out the zombies and take the prison for themselves.

After the group decides to clear the prison out, Andrea joins Rick and Tyreese to help them clear the zombies out of the prison courtyards. The three of them manage to do so with ease, however, a massive horde of zombies soon burst out of the inside of the prison's cell-blocks, drawn outside by the noise generated from Andrea's pistol.

Although Sophia and Andrea spend very little time together on screen, it is implied that Andrea cared about Sophia. Glenn Rhee " He was proud of you. While burning bodies outside the prison, The Governor appears and knocks Michonne out with the butt of his gun before holding Hershel at gunpoint, forcing him to drop his own gun. She just has to look on the bright side".

After doing this, she heads back to Rick and Tyreese, helping clear-out the remaining zombies coming from inside the prison, the three of them successfully securing the prison courtyard. The next day, after Source and Tyreese clear one of the prison cell-blocks out and meet four inhabitants of the prison; Axel, Andrew, Dexter, and Thomas Richards, Andrea accompanies the rest of the group into the prison cafeteria.

She and Dale later move into one of the source cells in the clear cell-block, later greeting Glenn on here arrival to the prison, alongside Hershel and his family. Andrea later accompanies Tyreese, Glenn, and Billy Greene into the prison's gymnasium, hoping to dispose of all the zombies inside of it.

However, Tyreese rushes straight forward towards the zombies in a rage, visibly caused by Julie's death the night before at the hands of her boyfriend, Chris. Tyreese is quickly surrounded and Andrea tries to rush in and save him. Glenn however, pulls her back, telling her they have to leave Tyreese if they want to escape themselves.

Andrea hesitantly does so, crying over Tyreese's supposed death. Saying that they may have been sad, but, ever since Amy's death, she does not feel it much emotionally anymore. Dale agrees with her and Andrea tells him that it was like they were made for each other. Dale questions if she really does want to spend the rest of her life with him, saying he can't Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead many good years left.

She says she does, explaining that at the rate of deaths in the apocalypse, nobody really has any good years left, telling Dale he still has one more good year in him. The next day, Andrea is seen doing laundry.

However, she is soon approached by one of the prisoners; Thomas Richards. Andrea asks him if he wants to help with the laundry, he says he does not want to help, annoying Andrea who asks him why he has come to see her. He quickly grabs her by the arm and proclaims he has come to cut her head off, revealing himself as the true killer of Rachel Greene and Susie Greene.

Andrea manages to escape from Thomas, however suffers a wound to her face, stretching from her left earlobe to her left lip. Running into the prison's courtyard, she screams for help.

Rick quickly springs to visit web page aid, tackling Thomas to the ground and brutally beating him until he is almost dead, saving Andrea's life. After Rick proclaims Who Does Andrea Hook Up With In The Walking Dead "You kill. While being stitched up by Dale, Andrea proclaims that she does not want to look like a freak and Dale reassures her, telling her that she will look as pretty as usual when he is finished stitching.

Later that day, Andrea is seen discussing the current situation with Dale. He suggests to her that they should consider taking their chances and leave in the RV. Andrea says that she does not like the idea of abandoning everyone, but, says that she will go wherever Dale goes no matter what. She later helps dispose of Thomas' body to zombies outside the prison fence, after his death at the hands of Maggie Greene.

However, after this, she and the rest of the group are held at gunpoint by Dexter, Andrew, and Patricia, who demand that the group leave the prison immediately. After Dexter reveals his intentions to kick the group out of the prison, demanding such at gunpoint with weapons he, Andrew, and Patricia got from A-block's armory. However, he unknowingly released a massive group of zombies from A-block, causing them to attack the group in the prison courtyard.

Andrea quickly rushes to help-out Rick and the others, all of them managing to quell the zombie horde's advances and stopping Dexter's rebellion in the process, Rick shooting him in the head during the battle, only Tyreese knowing he did so willingly.

Michonne gives a tearful goodbye, and stays with Andrea during their final moments together. Later, she is doing laundry with her sister, Jacqui and Carol Peletier. Glenn however, pulls her back, telling her they have to leave Tyreese if they want to escape themselves.

After the zombie bodies in the courtyard were burnt, Andrea takes the opportunity to fashion the prison's jumpsuits into to clothes for the group to wear, saying she will take the job of the group's seamstress. She also says that she will fashion more clothes from the jumpsuits for the warmer weather in the coming months.

She is later seen back in her cell, discussing the prison outfits with Dale, joking about him removing his fishing hat from his daily attire, Dale telling her learn more here it will never happen. Andrea then asks him if he still plans to leave the prison, he says that there is no point at the moment, but, at the slightest hint of trouble at the prison, he and Andrea will leave.

Later that day, after Allen was bitten on the leg by a zombie and Rick amputated his foot in an attempt to save him, Andrea visits him inside his cell. She tells him to hang in there, but, Allen tells her that he knows he will die soon and that he wants her to look after Ben and Billy with Dale, seemingly forgiving her for harassing him on Hershel's farm. Andrea tries to tell him she won't have to, but, he slips out of consciousness.

TWD S3E14 - The Governor Hunts Down Andrea #3

Andrea later finds Michonne in her cell, however, she is taken back when she finds Michonne talking to no one. Andrea asks her what she is doing, but, Michonne read article her she has no idea what Andrea is talking about, saying she was not talking to anyone, causing Andrea to angrily leave Michonne alone to herself.

The next day, Andrea and Dale head to check on Billy, Ben, and Allen, whose conditions has worsened since the initial bite. When the two arrive, they find Billy and Ben unattended. Andrea quickly asks who was supposed to be watching them and the twins tell her Otis was.