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What Girls Said 8. mormongirlmichl. mho 18%. try this grab her hand and say " tell me when it hurts" and just hold her hand haha that's just a funny pick up line just go for it especially if you're going for a walk after it's only natural you'll see when you're at a moment it'll just feel right and if you really can't, just. How to Ask Your Girlfriend to Hold Hands. Holding hands: the very thought can make your hands begin to sweat and your heart start to race. Maybe you've never held a girl's hand before. Even if you have, holding hands for the first time can. 26 Oct Next thing I know, she places her hand over mine. I look over to her, and I see that she still has her eyes closed. I rearranged my hand so that I could intertwine our fingers. The week afterwards, we officially started dating and so far, we are three years strong. I really need to marry this woman. permalink.

I really like her and I know she really likes me. I want to hold her hand but I don't want it to be awkward, so when is the best appropriate time to do it?

When To Hold Hands With A Girl

Just grab it gently as you're walking side by side, don't over think it. She's on a date with you, so trust me, she'll like it. Aha yeahh, I had a really really bad heartbreak article source a couple months ago and I thought I would never feel happy again, but now its all changed because of this girl, and now you because you helpedd: And would totally like the guy even more I'd love it if a guy just held my hand if we're on a date and we're just walking around enjoying scenary.

Seriously, just go for it whenever you want to, but not too impulsively or else your nerves might make you feel uncomfortable or you might grip too tight.


Personally I don't like a lot of affection from my guy most of the time, but I am a rare case, kind of a touch-me-not for casual scenarios.

Pay attention to her at the movies Anytime is the best time. But DON'T just walk into the movies and during the preview's or like 5 mins into the movie hold her hand. Oh and don't disturb her if she's eating. Play it cool and walk closely and kind of bump hands from time to time. Then she will either go for it or you can. When you are walking with her just hold her ever so softly and romantically. Don't do it when she is in a deep stare at a item or something.

Using some antiperspirant on your hands beforehand can be surprisingly effective. You're probably totally psyched that you're holding hands for the first time. Holding hands and kissing? Although you didn't ask her, this way of holding hands is very personal and romantic. I'm frankly outraged and appalled.

And the best thing would be to just say it, "I would really like t hold your hand as we walk" or "can I please hold your hand while we walk" or something similar. That way she would not creep out, but will be adored and pleased that you asked and think that you are really sweet.

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I kno a lot of girls if a guy did that he'd get slapped and they'd leave. So would I especialy on a first date!

Well like Kaitlyn said it's a no brainer if she grabs your hand. Or maybe when you start walking around the mall you could just quietly link for her hand. If she really likes you I can't see why she wouldn't be happy to hold your hand. Also close this question.

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How to know when to hold her hand? Me and here are now going out, I held her hand and we kissed. Thanks for the best answer! And congrats on the gf!!!!!!! Haha I did what you said and she looked at me and smiled aha sooo perfect: What Girls Said 8. Why not at the movies, we are going there first I'm just wondering lol. Ooo sorry didn't know yea def during the movie just kinda inch over and take hold of her hand. Maybe you shouldnt do that on the first date What Guys Said 4.

No rules, just go by your gut feeling and if she seems comfortable enough with you. After she tells you she doesn't want to hold hands, don't retreat or go silent. We didn't kiss until our I feel both feels like they are having same level of connection prior to the actual meeting then yes physical display is okay. After you meet up, give the awkward hug, just follow up with "Shall we?

Go for the crotch. Hope you're both really happy together! Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion?

When To Hold Hands With A Girl

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