My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual. Random Hookups!

Feels My Usual Than Girlfriend Looser


My girlfriends vagina felt looser than normal.. why?

it seems like my question hasn't been understood, so let me be more detail. when a man puts his penis in his girlfriend's vagina, can he tell if another man's .. Then you don't have sex for 4 months and then have sex and it feels looser that time than the 3 weeks chances are your the only one that hasn't had sex in 4 months. 26 Jan And, i don't know why so i feel like somethings wrong with me my friend said he probably just stretched me out not noticing or it was bc i was hornier than usual and when a girl is horny, aroused her vagina whole widens and she said it could have been bc i was wetter than normal.. He said i was still tight it. Ok I haven't seen her for a few days. We saw each other today and had sex and I noticed how loose she got it. It's weird how she got loose all of a sudden as she lost her virginity to me like 8 months ago. Am I overreacting or does this eventually happen if we alot of sex?.

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Is looseness a sign of cheating?

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. My girlfriends vagina is more loose than normal? I just spent a week in China.

When I came back home, my girlfriend and I had sex. I immediately noticed that her vagina was looser than normal. This really concerns me and I'm not sure if this is normal or not. The trust between us is good enough, I just want to check if this is a The trust between us is good enough, I just want to check if this is a normal occurrence or not. I am suspicious that she may not be exactly faithful, but i'm really trying not to jump to conclusions.

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How old are you by the way? How many on average do guys tell their girlfriends? Keeping it regularly lubricated if you experience dryness issues, both in the bedroom and out, and help restore elasticity.

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This will only get people hurt and will probably end up worsening the situation. I only mention this because naturally people are ruled by their emotions rather than thinking their actions through thoroughly. Think the situation through before doing things based on your emotions. Remember, even if you do manage to get people to do what you want, this amounts to manipulation, and however good you feel now, I guarantee it won't last very long.

Vagina's don't get larger or stretch through intercourse unless there's tearing.

My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual

The only way that a vagina becomes loose is through childbirth and age. You were gone for a week, you missed her, probably thought up a few fantasies about her for when you returned home.

Fantasies are usually incorrect and you probably "remembered" her a little tighter than she actually is. Otherwise, she was just really sexually aroused. The more aroused a woman is the larger the vaginal cavity will open up during sex. So, maybe she just really missed you and got a little more "excited" than usual lol. In fact, that particular myth is exactly opposite of the truth.

That is just the way that sexual arousal works for women, thank goodness. In fact, feeling "tight" is usually a pretty good indication that a woman is either not ready for penetration or simply does not want to be involved in penetration or sex, period at My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual point.

Being relaxed and well lubricated means that you're into whatever sexual activity is going on. It is important with this as well to understand that the vagina is a muscular tube.

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This means that the vagina will conform to whatever is inside it. So when there is nothing in a woman's vagina, it is closed in on itself in other words, the walls will be touching.

Essentially, it goes back to exactly the way it was prior to penetration. Immediately after sex, the vagina may remain relaxed for several minutes, but it will return to its prior state very shortly. Certainly, like any muscle, there are variations in muscle tone, but for most women, especially younger women, there's just no reason to worry about My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual lack of tone with the vagina and the surrounding muscles, and having had sex doesn't decrease tone: You could have intercourse everyday for a year and it still wouldn't change a thing.

Similarly, you could abstain for a year and it wouldn't change a thing either assuming that when you do have sex again, you are aroused and relaxed. Penetration permanently changes the "tightness" of the vagina. Penetration does not cause any permanent changes in the vagina. As I said before, the vagina is a muscular tube, so it stretches to accommodate and then returns to its previous state.

Even vaginal childbirth results in very few changes to the vagina. In that case, the changes to the internal configuration are extremely minimal. Some change may be noticed in the vaginal opening if serious tearing occurs or if an episiotomy is done, but again this is generally fairly minimal.

So if the passage of a baby does not permanently alter the vagina, it's not even logical that intercourse would cause changes. I haven't heard of a penis that's the size of a full term baby, have you? So in short, worrying about being "tight" is a pretty pointless and actually counter-productive thing to do.

Having sex will not make you looser. Not having sex will not make you tighter. There's not anything that is going to make you link "tighter" that is healthy or a good source. And if you are feeling tight, that's a good sign that you don't want to be having sex right then anyway.

If you want to do something like Kegel exercises, that's fine. Rather than making you inherently tighter during sexual arousal, it will probably give you more conscious control over those muscles that you can exercise during sex if you desire. But really, you should focus on being relaxed and enjoying yourself, rather than being as tight as a partner may incorrectly believe you should be. It depends on how aroused she was, what part of her cycle shes at and how relaxed she was.

I wouldn't go jumping to conclusions too quickly, its the best way My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual spoil a perfectly good relationship. Ex Back In 30 Days http: Maybe she masturbated a lot when you were not home. Vagina's don't just get loose in a week because she had sex If she did. Some girls it just happens to, not everyone can be 'porn star' perfect forever. They most certainly can widen without play. Some girls it takes years and years for their female parts to fully mature.

You must get 20 e-mails a day for male-enhancement products I mean, the Chinese didn't do it, and there are not too many black men in China Need term life insurance? Related Questions Read article girlfriends vagina felt looser than normal. Why did my girlfriends vagina feel loose?

I dont know if my girlfriends vagina is considered loose? Is my girlfriend vagina loose? My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual

So if the passage of a baby does not permanently alter the vagina, it's not even logical that intercourse would cause changes. Would she risk it being pregnant and me finding out that she did by the way the guy works intge same company as I do but diff department. Why did my girlfriends vagina feel loose? I asked her where she was and she said she had to make some "pit stops" and left it at that.

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My Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual

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