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29 Jun Hey Sam! I really enjoyed your thoughts on how to meet a good Christian guy, and I love the idea that guys would like to be pursued a little too! As Christian girls, I think a lot of us are stuck in the mindset that it's all up to the guy to make any moves. And, let's be real, waiting to be pursued can a pain. 10 Nov I've been doing some research about the best places to meet a future spouse. While that might sound a little creepy considering I'm happily married, the reason is that I've been getting bombarded with questions about this very subject. “ Where do we meet good, godly people these days?” “It seems like. 26 Nov I've wondered whether I'm too "strong" to attract a guy's attention. Or maybe I'm too chatty, opinionated, or tall. I've wondered if I'm supposed to be married at all. I' ve had to let all of that superficial second-guessing go. Most of it can't be changed, and much of it shouldn't be. I am who I am, and that's okay.

I would venture to say that there are still a decent concentration of Christian singles hovering around. I say this with confidence, because traveling across the country to speak has allowed me the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing singles!

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Before you roll your eyes at this obvious one, take some time to really think through it. People who are regularly attending church week-in and week-out are going to show up in your life time and time again.

I'm 33 years old and have, to this day, not had a real girlfriend. He has promised to lead us if we follow Him Psalm Now you will need to trust the Lord that He will show you in some way who the right man is for marriage Genesis

So why not take a chance this weekend and ask someone out for coffee? But make sure you read TLD first! I just love small groups. Some of my nearest and dearest friendships have come out of these intimate settings of people, sharing God, life, and usually food bonus!

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It will require you to get vulnerable, but why not take a step and get involved into a smaller group? Most churches have plenty of this web page of different topics, interests, age groups and locations. So find a group that matches your style, and jump in. Did you know I met my husband at a conference? We met on a lunch break, and got to know each other during a group mini-golf outing. A recent statistic I read reported that most people How To Meet A Good Christian Man their significant other by way of friends and family.

And it makes sense, because usually, these are the people that know you the best. So put the word out there, and give your friends and family a chance to introduce you to their social circles. I think singles often dread weddings, because they can be an aching reminder that everyone else is changing relationship status but you.

But not only are weddings a necessary celebration, but a great opportunity to meet new people. So go ahead and put in your RSVP for one, and see it as a great chance to meet and mingle.

How To Meet A Good Christian Man

And it will likely completely change your life. Take an art or cooking class, sign up for ballroom dancing lessons, or join an athletic club team. And similar interests are a great start to a relationship.

So why not take a chance this weekend and ask someone out for coffee? It's very hard to find a guy like that! Lean on God and cry out to him. Are you using this gift for the benefit of those in need, or are you squandering it on yourself?

Now, this information was published by an online dating site, but whether or not the statistic is accurate, there is no doubt that times are changing. I know many happily married couples that met online, and not only that, but I interact with many awesome men and women just because of this very blog, Twitter, and our Facebook Page check the comments sections every now and then for some legit people….

At the end of the day, your most important priority should have less to do with finding the love of your life- and more to do with finding your purpose in life.

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How To Meet A Good Christian Man