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Samsung AIRAVE femtocell for Sprint review

Hardware setup - Sprint AIRAVE Disconnect the power from all network devices, including the cable or DSL modem. Place the AIRAVE on a flat surface near a closed window in a central location. For best results, place the AIRAVE in an elevated location, such as the top of a bookshelf or tall cabinet. Note: In large . 9 Jul Ok so I got sprint to give me the airave for $18 upgrade fee instead of the $ normal cost and they are suppose to waive the $ mo fee. The Airave came today I set it up and I have error lights going on. The sys light is flashing and no GPS. Now it's not activated I wanted to get it setup before calling as it. Get Set Up. You'll need to connect your AIRAVE to a router or a broadband ( cable or DSL) modem. Have a router? Please use the setup instructions on this page. The AIRAVE will turn on and go through an automated setup sequence that may take up to two hours. . phone will immediately switch to the Sprint network.


Packaging will be damaged. Standard pricing and service restrictions apply. Like every day or two. Before the Airave, it was about one out of five calls missed, and about the same for mute calls.

Then when they added a new tower in the area which increased my interior cell signal from bars to bars I had problems with Airave dropping calls when switching from tower to Airave and then back. Yes, my password is: Sign in New customer.

I have never suggested her to use the airave, because of this very bug. Product information Package Dimensions Keep hook up sprint airave the good work, folks. Can Ting increase the range of an Airave registered with Sprint or does it have to be a Ting registered Airave.

I got one on eBay as well, and it actually had all the details in the listing. Please upgrade to a newer browser. My house was a dead zone and vonstantly dropped calls. You can buy a small 5 port switch and put it in between your sprint airvana hook up router and your modem.

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How Do You Hook Up A Sprint Airave

I want to buy one of these off eBay, but there's no way to tell if it is a version 2. How many devices can I connect to the Airave at once. What kind of coverage can I expect from the Airave and can it be increased. By Neil on August 30, I do not know, I will get my friend who is in possession of the thing to send me a very long sms.

Without it, service would be 1 bar. If someone wants to have a direct wired connection to the cable modem, how would this be configured? Plug the other end into an electrical outlet. I will say this much, the airave made my horrible experience with Sprint somewhat better I have a verizon version as well now I also had some issues with the setup

For best results, place the base station in an elevated location, such as the top of a bookshelf or tall cabinet 4. Can I restrict which devices are allowed to connect to the airave. Share your thoughts sprint airvana hook up other customers.

How Do You Hook Up A Sprint Airave

Got it activated on Ting with no problems. Unable to add item to List. I had two places I used this one Calls made using the Airave are billed just like any other call because you're still connecting to the cellular network.

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Place the base station near a closed window and in a central location. Can I restrict which devices are allowed to connect to the airave?

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