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Dangerous Solo Not Elite Server Could Connect To Matchmaking

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Frequently getting "Connection Error, Could not connect to matchmaking server". : EliteDangerous

2 Jan FWIW, I spent some time in game this afternoon (not in solo, but in Mobius') and I haven't got a single disco. Image We demand rigidly I've played a lot in the past week ( hours a day), always in the group and never had connection issues except when the servers crashed once. We flew together with. All is in the title. Was playing last night when al the sudden in the middle of a planet detailed scan my game crash. Since then no way to pay again: i can launch the game until the main menu window. I can play the training but if i wanna play the game i cant. Tryed solo, tryed open tryed private group and. 2 May gett thrown out of solo play every 2 - 3 min matchmaking error "Could not connect to matchmaking server". My problem included 5 minute disconnects, not being able to setup port forwarding ("ports already in use" error) and upnp ( also having port creation problems, based on the elite dangerous log.

Can't connect to Match Making Server. Severity Please select from the dropdown menu the severity of the issue. Minor — Small issue that does not affect gameplay for example, texture problems or minor clipping Moderate — Issues that affect gameplay but can be worked around, more noticeable problems.

Severe — Game breaking issues, such as crashes, or anything that completely impedes your progress. Frequency Choose from the dropdown menu on how easily you can reproduce the bug or issue.

Time of occurrence Please input the time and date when this issue occurred in the format of: Where HH is the hour in 24 hour format. MM here minutes, and TZ being your local time zone. Your input should look something like this: Date of occurrence Please input the date when this issue occurred in the format of: If you are using Virtual Reality hardware, please select it from the list below.

Location Please type in the system or planet that you encountered the issue at. Did your issue happen in your ship or in the SRV?

Elite Dangerous Could Not Connect To Matchmaking Server Solo

Ship Type If you've selected "Ship" from the list above, please input the type of ship here. For example, Anaconda or Asp. Description Please describe the issue that you are experiencing or have experienced. As always, the more detail - the better!

Steps to Reproduce Please list in 1 2 3 format how to exactly reproduce your issue. Hope they'll fix this soon. Elite Dangerous Store Page. Have logged a ticket, waiting to hear back.

Please use the next field below this one to input your reproduction steps. Steps to Reproduce Please list in 1 2 3 format how to exactly reproduce your issue. The more details that you provide, the better. Please put each step at one per line. Try to login and select a mode. This field is optional.

I have the same, but I login at times, and then dropped out on random points. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Aedile View Profile View Posts. Everything seems to be working fine now. I was able to load the game last night but got booted out around midnight and have been unable to get past the loading page spinning ship since then.

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Could not connect to matchmaking server :: Elite Dangerous General Discussions

Steps to Reproduce Try to login and select a mode Additional files? Also having this issue since the release of 2. It will either end with "unable to connect to matchmaking server", or rarely "could not connect to the Adjudication server".

Initially thought maybe the servers were under heavy load after release, but 8 or so hours later ,same issue. Your ping and packet loss? The matchmaking server is extremely sensitive to packet loss, and will boot you out with too many of those. The procedure is 3 in this FAQ 2. Set Port Forwarding on your Router? I had some serious matchmaking server issues until I set my router to Port Forwarding, and that cleared it for me.

Not saying those are fixes, but they're worth testing intially. I have the same problem this morning, persistently getting matchmaking service error. I was able to load the game last night but got booted out around midnight and have been unable to get past the loading page spinning ship since then.

I'm having the same issues.

Mw2 can't connect to matchmaking server

Game disconnects after hyperspace jump and I can't enter it again: A friend of mine suffered the same bug yesterday after 2. I just reinstalled the client and now I am in! Well that didn't last long, as soon as I try to supercruise I get disconnected and now I'm back at the spinning ship.

Yeah, earlier this morning, beside disconnections accessing mission boards, the rest was working fine, now i get "adjudication server" disconnections just sitting in normal space for a few seconds even in solo play: Hey Cmdrs, Thanks for the reports.

I'll pass this on to get checked out. Please read article to use the bug reporting template, found in our guidelines for posting threads about bugs! Please check our known issues threads before making your report: I also have this issue.

I haven't been able to successfully load my saved game since the patch. And now I'm in again, in, out, in, out, we shake it all about, we do the hokey cokey and turn around, that's what it's all about! First time it happened yesterday. I was able to play in the morning, but right now - no chance.

Elite Dangerous Could Not Connect To Matchmaking Server Solo

It's been more than 3 hours already. Hope more info fix this soon.

Unable to start the game since the update. Here's what I know: Internet connection good no connection problem found. ED launcher opens and login OK. Reach the main menu OK can choose items 4. Hovering over it gives the message "can not connect to server" or something like that in red. Having the exact same issue here also from Ireland. I opened a ticket with support last night, but no answer yet which is understandable since 2. I have tried literally everything I could think of.

Nothing works and I get constantly disconnected in the game, either instantly or after minutes. I believe server can't finish player's session properly. Because yesterday, when my friend was having the same trouble, I saw him online in my friends list.

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