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'Big Brother 15': Nighttime hook-ups and more

1 Feb Mail. 0. Share. Big Brother 15's Amanda Zuckerman And McCrae Olson Split: Amanda Announces On Twitter She Is. Last summer Big Brother fans watched Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson hook up on camera throughout Season 15 of Big Brother. Fans were confused, what exactly did Amanda see. Did amanda and mccrae hook up. Each week, one or sexy liz whose twin julia been show too lost her grip towel this cheeky incident, accidentally. D dating site. Fans were confused, what exactly did Amanda see in pizza-delivery boy of the most bizarre couples to ever hook up in the Big Brother house. Sixteen HouseGuests. 1 Feb One of the power couples in the house of Big Brother 15 were Amanda Zuckerman, and McCrae Olson. It appears Big Brother 15's Amanda And McCrae Call It Quits Up until this point, the couple have been in an active relationship, at least according to the massive amount of tweets between the two.

After the official split of McCrandaAmanda is on the market and one of these particular pictures is not holding anything back! She has been busy trying to promote her online fashion storeTheRoyalMafia. Like I said, he does excellent work! Click on image for full view. You said it very well, Carol. The things I would comment regarding this woman are beneath me. Man, you people need to get off your high horses.

Amanda is an awesome, funny person! Amanda did say and do some Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up things while in the house and many people are not fans of her. We can all have opinions on her, right? You seem to enjoy her and other people seem to not like her. Amanda does look good in the pictures, but as we all know sometimes beauty is really only skin deep. He really is a great photographer. I hope she does come back and that you idiots hold true to your promises so the rest of us will be forever free of all your false Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up.

Admit that all you really want is a woman you can slut shame in order to feel good about yourselves. Why is it than whenever someone expresses disapproval of a person or action that they see is immoral, all of a sudden people like you get all contorted in anger?

Is there ANYthing that you judge? Those who like to pay to watch animals fight each other? Or should we just learn to leave people alone to do whatever they please? Morality is what more info this world from falling into lawlessness. No one here is saying Amanda needs to be hung or stoned for being a bit … slutty. That is a quality I see as less than admirable.

But I wish Amanda no ill will. Why should that bother you? False morality is holding on to something someone said to someone else, over 5 months ago, which they have repeatedly apologized for and using that as an excuse to call that person hateful names like pig and criticize their entire person relentlessly, apparently forever.

False morality is writing Internet comments every day about something that happened on a tv show that had no affect on your life or society whatsoever. But you will never forgive her and you will never stop trying to ruin her life because then you Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up be bored, I guess. And I read more you would miss all the important Internet friends you have made that like to bash her for sport along with you.

As for your analogy, you have set up a Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up where you are equating Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up with pedophiles and dog fighting. In posing this false comparison you have proven yourself to be crazier than I thought you were when all this started.

As far as why I care, I like Amanda. I clicked on a story about her because she interests me. Why do you care? You clicked on the same story just so you could scurry down to the comments and write something hateful then wait for the other losers with nothing better to do than agree with you. So sorry to fuck up your day. Your hobby is being mean to people on the Internet. I was not equating Amanda this web page pedophiles or scumbags who like animal cruelty.

Seriously guys, let BB15 go. You will be much happier. Sarah, Your attack on one of this site regular and loyal fan for voicing her opinion was handled beautifully by some of the other loyal and regular fans of the site, so I will leave it at that.

However, I would like to add. This is a BB fan site, A friendly site. So, Sarah, Vicky and Madison Welcome to the site! Rip on any of the HGs go here BB, but keep it to them and not to the other people leaving comments on this site.

That goes for everyone today…. To each is their own but I think that she looks great and Phillip Allen did great work as usual. It is a friendly site, however when it comes to her there are allot of folks who can not stomach to even look at her. Starting off on the show she was ok and then went south real quick with her nasty self. Madison, as I said above, I have strong opinions about the kind of person Amanda is — based on her actions for 90 days on BB15 and based on these photos.

Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up

I paused long enough to answer so that I would Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up use the descriptive language I could use to explain what I really think of her. BTW, I wholeheartedly agree with you that the photographer is outstanding and talented — and he made these photos of Amanda as classy as humanly possible.

To defend the friendly site, it means that we are friendly to each other. Say what you want about the HGs on BB or other shows, but keep it civil with the other commentators on the site. Agree or disagree with each other, but name calling is not needed and it was done today. Way to go Todd — you sure know how to get all the BB fans talking ha-ha!!!

Talking yes Mary as always but not one of us that normally post on this site have ever said this. More info I said to each is their own as far as the taste in the pictures goes.

The mens hockey team play tomorrow. Fans were confused, what exactly did Amanda see in pizza-delivery boy McCrae? There is not a single HG on BB15 that i would consider myself a fan of.

I Wish other people could see it like that. You make a valid point. My dislike of Andy the Rat had a little too much power over me for a while last summer…. But that is what this site is all about — voicing our opinions. Her actions — as with everyone — tell me things about her character. Others may like what those actions tell them about Amanda. I agree with you Mary but I have never seen the name calling to others on here.

We have all always gotten along and where these two came from is beyond me. Sure makes me not to want to visit the site anymore.

Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up

I am always told how great I am because I am always helping others and have someone call me a bitch is un called for. It is totally uncalled for Carol.

Be safe my friend. Two Nerds on a Tandem Two nerds are riding along on a tandem, when suddenly, the one on the front slams on the brakes, gets off and starts letting air out of the tires. She looks nice…on the outside.

And if you left, who would give us all a morning funny? But far from that, I would miss you terribly. Two Nerds on a Tandem Two nerds are riding along on a tandem, when suddenly, the one on the front slams on the brakes, gets off and starts letting air out of the tires.

I wanted to lower it a bit.

Did amanda and mccrae hook up

So the one in the back has had enough. He jumps off, loosens his own seat and spins it round to face the other direction.

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Big Brother 15:Amanda & McCrae's first "I Love You." Made for McCranda fan on Screencast-O-Matic

Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. Yipper I agree Mary they should be. Look for me in the morning lady.

You too Todd thanks for the updates. That a girl Carol! Growing up I was bullied for being over weight years in school.

I have had dealing with them in the past and they can be very hurtful, that is how I felt on here today. Thanks to all my BB buddies I talk to each and everyday you all make my days go much smoother. Carol, you are the bully now. The photographer is quite talented. She looks nice…on the outside. Did some of us suddenly have a memory lapse about the torture Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up released upon Elissa the bubby incident? But when you put yourself out Did Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up on reality tv, do you really expect people not to judge you?

Whether she is a slut or not, i have no idea. But what i DO know…since she is the one that put it out there…is she bases her opinions of someone on the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. That she was in a stressful or difficult situation. So is this what most people do when faced with stress? Attack someone for characteristics that they have no control over?

Not in MY book. But as for ME…shes shown her true hand. And crying foul now that the game has been won is trying article source have your cake and eat it too.