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13 Nov Have you ever confused about where to find hot girls and have fun at night during your stay at Hong Kong? Your confusion will disappear when you come to the pickup bars in Hong Kong. You only need to buy a drink and sit there, hunting for your favorite girls. If you have no idea of any pickup bars in Hong. 8 Apr PICKING UP GIRLS IN HONG KONG. ''Whatup Player, Go to the bathroom and trim your pubes cause you're watching simple tips by simple pickup'' – Jason. I randomly came across one of SimplePickup's Video on Youtube, ever since then I started going in depth, and found out about the Secret. Looking to meet girls in Hong Kong? In this article I list the best spots to meet sexy girls for free and show maps of the best places to go.

Results 1 to 13 of Add Thread to del. In my life I have had maybe around 9 one night stands and one relationship which lasted for a month, these were the girls whom I met either in College, Online or In clubs, now I never really approached these girls cause in clubs they were drunk so it was natural, Online they were obviously looking for sex and in College the one girl who I had relationship with made the first move in a party.

My first day one month ago went somehow like this. I got off work and hit the streets and as soon as I would want to approach a girl Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong would chicken out, I was like what the fuck? I got so nervous whenever I wanted to approach a stranger so I just went home after an hour of walking around and looking like a creep.

On a Friday night I called my friend to pickup girls with me, and I figured I was more confident with a friend then without.

I made my first approach to two girls sitting this web page a bench one was Asian,hb5 the other from the States HB7.

Landmark, Harbour and Pacific Place are 3 big shopping malls you can get started with. So I start massaging her leg then I put her leg back down since it was too awkward. For those who like cool, sophisticated Chinese girls who speak great Click, Hong Kong is a veritable paradise and a great place to pickup both in the day time and at night. Well what better way to spend your day than going to Wan Chai to find yourself a Western boyfriend customer?

Conversation went somehow like this Me: Oh I am guessing you are an international student from Australia? No, I am her student and we are going to leave Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong. Third Approach- Two girls walking both Asians Me: Well this is as much as I can write right now please do comment and give back feedbacks if you read thisand this is my first time posting anything on the net so please excuse me if its not readable or anything I tried my best and hopefully will improve.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Fightsgirls crying over stuffmake outs and hell lot of Drinks and Chicks, is the most classic night you are going to get at Lan Kwai Fong, a place filled with clubs and pubs in Hong Kong.

I am going to skip last month for now.

Noo, Its for work only. Subscribe For Free Stuff. Hong Kong Marijuana Prices and brands: Lan Kwai Fong is a nightlife area that is located in Central. But she did call me in an hour.

This is what happened last weekend. So the first hour went by with us doing pushups mostly.

Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong

Then we were too tired and bought beer, which helped us a lot. Go Hot white chick, Hb9. Omg you look sexy as fuckwhat is your name? Where are you partying tonight? In Liquid, I am gonna meet up with friends. I completely ran out of things to say cause Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong here so fucking hot, so I just walked away. We went to a mall and saw another white girl HB7.

Hi, You are looking gorgeous tonight. What are you doing tonight? Here how old are you? Go White girlHB10!!!! Take your hands off. Where are you from? Last edited by mnguy34; at Mystery's Method I will talk about what happened last month.

I went to Beijing and was staying at a Hotel for 4 days. The first night I was going back to the hotel and saw this hot Asian girl Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong at the check-in counter, her figure was perfect, probably HB8. I take a deep breath and approached. Hi, can I help you with your luggage? No, I am here on a business trip. Oh cool, you are really beautiful by the way. So who is the lucky guy? Haha, I am not working here, I just thought you were beautiful and had to talk with you somehow.

Hahahahhaha, Omg thanks that was really cute. I am just going to take a shower and find a place to have dinner. Coolme too. Lets find a place together? Ok I am staying at room xxxgive me a call when you are ready to go. But she did call me in an hour. We met outside the hotel, she had changed and now she was wearing a tight top and short jeans which displayed her ass and boobs perfectly.

So we went for dinner and I started touching her using book material. Are you hair real? After dinner, we walk and looked around for a bit so she would feel more comfortable with me.

Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong

I asked her if she wanted to go look for clubs and grab a few drinks, but she had to work the next day, so I made her promise to go with me the next night. Dropping her back to the hotel I had no Idea what to do anymore, I was thinking whether or not to drop her to her room so I just dropped her in front of the hotel and said I need to buy some stuff and will call her room tomorrow night. I am going to skip from I called her at night picked her up and we went to a local bar had a few drinks and danced around a little, to walking back to the hotel.

So we were walking back to the hotel, I got more confident and bolder after a few drinks and while walking back I would randomly touch her during our conversations.

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Then I stopped her in the middle and asked her to show me her hand. Stop, show me your hand. Well, by looking at it I can tell how far our friendship will go.

I decided to just use this as an excuse to hold hands Me: I should have gone for a kiss!!!!!!!!! We arrived to her room and this is the conversation outside: Yeah, it was a good night. Ok coolhey can I use the washroom real quick mine is broken.

So now I am in her room great now what? I went to the washroom and tried to calm myself down not in Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong way you are thinking. I went out of the washroom and she was outside sitting on her chair turning her laptop on, on the table.

I grabbed another chair and sat next to her as fucking close as possible. Cool, got any movies in there? Noo, Its for work only. Hey I did some massage classes back in HK. Let me show you. Place learn more here leg on my lap She does and now we are in a really awkward position lol.

So I start massaging her leg then I put her leg back down since it was too awkward. So I went behind her chair and started massaging her neck and she was enjoying it. Lay down on the bed I will massage your back.

So I massage her back with her shirt and Me: This is not working lift your shirt up. After like 10 seconds I say to her I have to go now and she says ok. So she sits down on the bed and so do I getting ready to get off her bed then I say Me: Hahaha what will it cost me?


So we make out and you know where it goes from there. We have sex the next two nights as well and then never saw her since. Originally Posted by mnguy Originally Posted by sonicblade In English, I would go up to Asian girls and ask them Where To Find Girls In Hong Kong they knew how to speak English first, before starting the conversation.

Mate if you are coming to hong kong this summer we will go and pick up girls together! Getting Attached ''I think there comes a day in every Pick-up artist whether new to the game or not, where he really starts to like one girl, and does everything to get her but fails. The thing we usually want the most, is probably the hardest to get'' - me Nothing much happened the last couple of days except with the girl i was going to date coming week.

I received a text from her yesterday saying that we should just be friends as source is too busy at the moment. I think i know exactly why this happened, because i got too attached and seemed desperate. She was showing a lot of IOIs during the first few days of texting but then i started texting everyday, i should've played hard to get. I will probably write if something happens this weekend.

I am backI guess.

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I know i have turn down many sarging invites and have not been replying to messages, I sincerely apologize for that. For the past couple of monthsi have been trying to get my life sorted and unfortunately i have only made it worse.

My last post was in March???? I didn't write an article for 3 months so bare with me. The 2nd month of this year, was when i was introduced by boredom to the world of pickup, before that i couldn't have thought a secret community of pervs existed. The thing about this community is that it spreads too fast the methods get usedearlier this year there were only a few individuals or groups that were active in Hong Kongand now when you walk into bars you can clearly see how the pickup community has grown.