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Create your very own unique star map at 1dating.info Hey, I've been considering whether this is is worth trying out. 15 Mar A DATING agency for adults with disabilities has seen its service saved after facing potential closure. The boost to Fareham-based Stars in the Sky has been welcomed by Christina Corp who used the agency to meet her fiance Joe.

Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Categories Recent Discussions Best Of Hey, I've been considering whether this is is worth trying out But I dont want to get too involved emotionally as that will hurt people.

What do you mean by mild aspergers? I mean just some of the symptoms of it without being fully diagnosed as having "Aspergers" I guess Or just not very severe. I say go for it! I was also diagnosed with mild Aspergers as a child yes, there are varying degrees and while I overcame a few things such as a few habits with therapy, confidence I find is still one thing that holds me back.

If you do find yourself on a date, don't let confidence hold you back about saying what you want, and enjoy the moment. Don't think too far ahead about what might happen etc because you will get your hopes up! It is totally worth trying because if you don't, you won't get anywhere at all. That's the ultimatum I've given myself when I want to tell a guy that I like please click for source etc. Of course the rejection can knock my confidence but it's the ultimatum I give myself every time round.

It's finally worked and I do now have a boyfriend so it will pay off in the end! Don't be afraid to get out there and meet some new people. Even if it doesn't work out on the dating front you may still make new friends which will boost your confidence anyway.

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I may have to get an official diagnosis but I think my Aspergers is mild anyway Most of the time it doesnt bother me but I do feel low on confidence and am not always sure who to approach. I'm filling in the form now, so I guess theres no going back Some parts seem hard to fill in though - eg "Describe your ideal date" and "What are you looking for from your date eg friendship, dating" - what else would you be looking for?

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Why isnt there an option for "See how things develop if you find a girl attractive"? I cant really say before I've even met someone what I'm looking for, though yes dating a fun, and attractive girl would be nice, but it seems like I'm jumping the gun a bit to say that at the start. Best of luck OP. Though don't place too much investment in going on a date, not many people do that, I've read more been on a date either but have had girlfriends.

I managed to fill in the form today! I'm not expecting anything or getting my hopes up too much he says. Online dating is a bit hit n miss with or without aspergers I have it too. Though I filled out the form, I dont know if its been sent off yet someone has to write my "character reference" - and Stars In The Sky Dating Reviews theres the waiting What do I do?

Let us know how it goes. Hey, Hopefully I'll just bite the bullet and try it out soon, I guess its wrong to expect something to be perfect, but I keep having second thoughts lately and I dont want to be hurt. I think it Stars In The Sky Dating Reviews That sounds horrible Source all we all really want the same things out of life.

I wish you the best of luck with finding a partner. But I don't think stars in the sky is meant for you.

Stars In The Sky Dating Reviews

It's a dating agency just for those with learning disabilities. Does Aspergers count as a Learning Disability? I'm not sure I remember having tests that said I dont have one. I remember there was that guy with Aspgergers on the 1st episode of The Undateables, hopefully they'll find a good match I dont think SITS should be the be all and end all, maybe its just a first step to meeting new people or dating I don't want to un pc.

But I think when they mean learning disabilities they mean those with a lower than average intelligence.

Photo sets and dating. That must be so soul destroying! I don't want to un pc. Sky, a film that earns three stars from AARP.

Aspergers is a type of neurological disorder. I think if you have aspergers and average intelligence stars in the sky isn't really suitable as it is more aimed at those at the lower end. Click could try 'no longer lonely'. Im not sure if it is suitable because it is for mental illness but it does cover those with autism and aspergers too.

Dating would turn into the best time of our lives. Edit Location and Time. Live casinos reviews livedealercasino. Helen Mirren stars in the double. If The Stars in the Bright Sky has a.

I think I'll give it a try and see if its right for me, if it doesnt work out I can always leave or decide not to join after I've spoken to them. Don't tell them you have aspergers because it might put some people off. My brother has a mild form of aspergers and you can't really tell but as soon as he tells someone he has it they start to treat him differently.

Stars In The Sky Dating Reviews

That must be so soul destroying! Sorry to hear that. I think I should be able to point out my concerns when I go to see them about things like this. I agree I dont think I want to reveal I have Aspergers if I do have a mild form of it It shouldnt define me as a person. Not really, he is used to people thinking he is odd. I find him quirky and loveable but that's because he is my baby continue reading. OP - did you get a reply to your email?

I hope you manage to find what you're after, best of luck!

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