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mins Air Compressor Oxygen Portable Respirator, China Respirator SCBA, US $ - / Set, Shanghai, China (Mainland), Fenan, RHZYNSource from Fenan Safety (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on 1dating.info 24 Dec While reading books on hvac I always read don't mix refrigerant or oil with oxygen or compressed air. They also Or are people just worried someone will run out of nitrogen and use the oxygen from the oxyacetylene torch? At first it was Join Date: Aug ; Location: Central VA; Posts: Post Likes. The Chad Oxymizer ® Disposable Oxygen Conserver offered by Drive Medical facilitates the delivery of continuous high-flow oxygen therapy. The Oxymizer can be used with compressed gas cylinders, concentrators, and liquid oxygen. The Oxymizer increases the proportion of oxygen flow during early inspiration while.

Powered by mwForum 2. Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. By griffen Date By waccobird Date Kane Date Caps are usually required, unless the bottles are secured in a cabinet that has been constructed with the proper amount of ventilation at the bottom.

I have seen many pictures of Rigs on this Forum, Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressors Air Oxygen supposedly made by professional source builders, that are in violation of the Federal Statutes, yet no one seems to be getting sued, and no one on the Forum ever complains about getting any tickets for improperly stored cylinders.

Don't try it in New York! The fines here for even a first offense, could be called "confiscatory"! A second offense makes the action a "Willful" offense, and the fines are "Draconian"! I don't know the title or chapter to find the dot regs for bottles Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressors Air Oxygen I'm not going to read all of title So I'll just take your word that it's in there. But I personally have never had a dot or state trooper etc. I almost never take the gauges off no cabinet and I have two cylinders that lay down.

All the things I read on this forum about New York make me never want to visit. Continue reading saftey police are out of control up there! By awspartb Date What state are you in where the safety regs are so lax? You drive with Gauges ON?

We can't even leave the shop for the weekend with gauges on! By the way, OSHA regs are not particular to a state, they are nationwide.

Even where you and your death rig are operating.

The national trend proved to be quite the opposite; on the whole the national total dropped from 5, fatalities in to 5, fatalities in I also have never heard of a welder getting a fine from osha for bottles laying down. Thank you again, Jazmin Drive. Do you store your acetylene bottles the same way as your Oxygen? Assessed supplier has been assessed by Bureau Veritasgiving buyers in-depth details and authoritative information about suppliers for free, http://1dating.info/du/can-a-dating-scan-be-wrong-by-5-weeks.php help buyers source smarter and safer.

It's people like you who cause accidents that get people killed. We have a word for people like you Stay out of my state Redneck. I'm tired of reading about people like you getting people like ME killed. Did you see the Texas chemical plant explosion on the news today?

There seem to be lots of those things happening down your way. By preston davis Date My oxy bottles are laying down and probably 90 percent of Texas rigs are. I might stand'em up on my next truck. I just don't like the blind spots it usually causes. It's guys like you who cause explosions I hear about at refineries and chemical plants in Texas.

It's a never ending cycle in your state. Over and over and over and over again Texas oil refinery fire, chemical plant explosion just this WEEKetc.

Read more say it again. I have the numbers in my cell phone.

Have a nice day. And all those explosions in texas were from bottles being transported horizontally?

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I have never heard of an explosion caused from a oxygen bottle that was secured in the horizontal position on a welders truck. If the bottles are secure no d.

I've seen bottles hit source higway not mine with caps on and bust the cap and neck off and shoot across the highway. To locate a provider, please use our provider network found here: The high seas are a perilous place, particularly for fish. How do I set this? I'm sure you'll make a great cwi cause this welding gig ain't for you buddy.

I worked construction for seven years we travelled many states put up a number of buildings, commercial, goverment, hotels, even one on a goverment disposal landfill. I have never seen osha or an osha official on any job site!

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They only show up after the fact or if two contractors are having a pissing match. Never ran into any osha in the oilfield either. Like I said the saftey police must be out of control in zoo york if they got nothing better to do tha harass welders about bottles.

I have seen nothing on this forum or anywhere else that proves it is more dangerous to transport bottles laying down versus the vertical position.

I Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressors Air Oxygen have never heard of a welder getting a fine from osha for bottles laying down. So yes we all know now what osha "says". I will still be transporting mine horizontally with the gauges on. So unless you have some proof that the bullet proof magical caps that come with the bottles will save some ones life while the bottles are secured on my truck. Or some evidence that a bottle "secured" on a truck in a horizontal position has killed some one on a U.

It's amazing that a guy who doesn't even know what a quality monitor cost is such an expert on bottles. Isn't osha a tombstone, whistle blower? You must be one nervous guy your scared of air compressors, bottles, lead paint, propane tanks.

And all this wealth of wisdom comes from a geniuos who doesn't wear a respirator when he's cutting galvanized steel. I'm sure you'll make a great cwi cause this welding gig ain't for you buddy. Listen to you cry about unfair wages, labor, union, blah bla bla. Osha has a lot of rules that they don't enforce other than in your state I've worked with the cor of engineers and they are a lot more strict than osha read article all those trucks had bottles laying down as long as they were secure they were not an issue.

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Hope you have a wonderful day. By jrw Date Here are a few cell phone pics. She's old and dirty the way I like em! Got a vortec on the floor ready to go in when this one is done. Nothing special just a work truck I've seen guys DIE on jobs Hillbilly!

I've seen the body bags being dragged out of confined spaces. REAL jobs with safety protocol in place and they died anyway because rednecks didn't care. Death on the job may just make you shrug your redneck shoulders. That's the redneck way. Like I said I'm well aware of what osha states, but have yet to see anything that say why it's more dangerous.

Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressors Air Oxygen

It is either "secure" or it's not! The bottle is not going to come off my truck no way possible. What is your problem?

Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressors Air Oxygen

I don't work for phony f'ing outfits, and please state some facts about all these horrible deaths in my state cause when I see the news it's all about cranes and sub par work killing people in your state.

Were you one of the real welders that built that crane? Man what kind of freak are you? Pepper, string out their leads, grind a bead, buff some slag, armor all some tires, but don't come to the south wanting to call osha on bottles lying down cause you won't have enough minutes on your little cell phone plan.

I don't really care. I'm in oklahoma been in every surronding state and then some. You don't need to educate me on osha I'm well aware of what the saftey police have to Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressors Air Oxygen on most things.

I was asking for the chapter that specifically spoke about the dot regs. You call me by any thing but, my name and I'll be in your state on your front door, I got nothing but money and time buddy. The caps don't provide any more saftey than the gauges. I've seen bottles hit the higway not mine with caps on and bust the cap and neck off and shoot across the highway. Saw one hit a gas pump at the local ampride. I watched my grandad knock the valve off a bottle that was on fire to release all the gas to avoid an explosion in his shop when I was a kid.

I doubt you can educate me on anything welding related Whats see more say bottles standing up won't be thrown out in a roll over? They are no safer standing up versus laying down. They are either secure or they are not period! I'll make a deal with you Hillbilly. You should be behind bars before you get someone killed. Read more you store your acetylene bottles the same way as your Oxygen?

Please tell me yes. I need a good laugh! Please tell me more stories on how your grandpa put out a burning acetylene bottle fire. Awesome display of redneck stupidity! Most REAL welders have never seen an acetylene bottle Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressors Air Oxygen.