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"Gravity Rush 2"

"No I am not buying this for my boyfriend, thank you very much.". 16 Jun John Hunter No, with consoles you spend $ per console. Between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, that's already $, not counting handheld pieces. And lets face it, you're going to buy all 3 because there are 2 good games on each of them . Then you have to spend a fortune on different accessories. 9 Mar You're on a distant-future Earth, where hulking metal dinosaurs seemingly rule the land and humanity has reverted — or evolved? . Considering how hard of a time even Nintendo's had making that genre work in recent years, our expectations aren't sky-high for "Yooka-Laylee" — but some clever level.

A new entry in the "Mass Effect" series is planned for this coming spring. And with the ever-present passage of time comes a bounty of brand-new video games. Are you prepared for a brand-new "Mass Effect" game? How about a brand-new Mario game on the brand-new Nintendo Switch console? The upcoming Nintendo Switch console, planned for a March launch. The original "Gravity Rush" is a gorgeous, ambitious cult-classic. It was released as an exclusive on Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld — a portable game console that sold less-than-impressively.

Though the original game eventually ended up on other PlayStation platforms, fans including us are anxiously anticipating "Gravity Rush 2" — a full-fledged sequel to the original, made for the far more powerful PlayStation 4. In "Gravity Rush 2," you are Kat: Take aim at a surface, press a button on the PS4 gamepad, and that surface becomes your new floor.

It's the kind of experience that's fun enough on its own, without all click at this page gorgeous artistry and mysterious storytelling. The latest main series entry in the long-running "Resident Evil" franchise is a bit of a reboot. Unlike the last several games in the series, "Resident Evil 7: Instead, it's a survival horror game — that means low ammunition and health, with a focus on survival over mastery.

It's also the first major entry in the series to move from third-person to first-person, in addition to being playable in entirety using the PlayStation VR headset with PlayStation 4. Imagine battling as a viking warrior against a Japanese samurai!

Adult Swim Dating A Gamer Expectation Vs Reality Quotes

Or as a medieval knight against That's the gist of "For Honor," which arrives just in time to pit you and your Valentine against each other.

The "Halo" series is loved by millions.

This game was actually bumped out of to an undated "" window. This game was originally planned for a launch, but got pushed back to an unannounced date — fingers crossed for ! In "Gran Turismo Sport," you race cars against other cars. Why do so few games have dinosaurs?! Color us surprised if this one arrives in any Western regions in

The lore of the "Halo" series is loved by a fraction of that overall fanbase, and it's games like "Halo Wars" that help keep that dedicated fanbase loyal. If you love the tales of Master Chief and The Covenant in the first-person shooter series, chances are you'll enjoy the tactical gameplay of the "Halo Wars" series.

While the gameplay is a complete divergence from standard "Halo," it's a heavy-hitter in its own genre real-time strategy games. You're on a distant-future Earth, where hulking metal dinosaurs seemingly rule the land and humanity has reverted — or evolved?

If nothing else, it's gorgeous and packed with giant metal dinosaurs. Why do so few games have dinosaurs?! If you're one of the millions of people who left your childhood home, then returned at some point to find it feeling alien, "Night in the Woods" is a game you can relate to. It stars a character named Mae who, after leaving for college and subsequently dropping out, returns to her hometown. Rather than the place she left, she finds it different than she remembers.

Also, she's a cat and everyone in the town is some type of speaking animal. This isn't a game about just click for source as systems to master, but a game about exploration and storytelling — it's also critically lauded ahead of its release.

Keep an eye out for "Night in the Woods. This one is the prettiest yet, to say nothing of the sprawling open-world environment.

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In case you're unfamiliar, the game follows a fellow named Link as he saves It's often a place named Hyrule, but he's been many source places as well, and he's even been saved himself a few times by the would-be diminutive princess, the eponymous Zelda.

The game is being heralded as one of the best in yearsand it's catapulted the Switch into a strong sales position at launch.

Get the latest Microsoft stock price here. That game was "Middle-earth: Expect to learn much more about Scorpio as the year rages on, likely around June during the annual game industry trade show "E3".

The latest entry in the Tom Clancy-verse takes place in a sprawling, gorgeous open world that can be navigated with cars, boats, helicopters, planes and more. To take down nefarious drug cartels, of course. Put a stop to the cocaine nightmare on your own or with three friends in a four-player co-op mode that looks downright chaotic.

One of the best — if not the best — game series on the previous generation of click was the "Mass Effect" trilogy. It's an incredible first- and third-person story-based action franchise that enables players to build a character, a crew, and relationships across dozens — and, for some people, hundreds — of hours and three games.

The next game in the series, "Mass Effect Andromeda," is set long after the events of the original trilogy, and features entirely new characters. The game is simple: Do it well enough and the game rewards you with a steady, fresh flow. And inthe game is getting re-mastered for the PlayStation 4! There's even a free demo right now if you wanna check it out early. To call the "Persona" series a "cult classic" would be to undersell the seriousness of its fandom.

The folks that love "Persona" love it with a depth and loyalty most human beings will never understand. On paper, the hooks sound simple: It's a third-person Japanese role-playing game, with a heavy focus on the bizarre.

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It's stylish, and memorable, and nigh-inscrutable to non-fans. The long-awaited fifth entry is due out worldwide this year, having already launched in Japan many moons ago. The folks behind "Yooka-Laylee" sure hope you do — the same folks who created the bear with a bird in a backpack "Banjo Kazooie" are at it again with "Yooka-Laylee," a 3D action-platforming game.

Considering how hard of a time even Nintendo's had making that genre work in recent years, our expectations aren't sky-high for "Yooka-Laylee" — but some clever level design and an evolution of the genre could very well be in the cards. If nothing else, we know the music will be on point: Grant Kirkhope is at the helm. It's a re-release of the Wii U game, albeit with even prettier graphics and some new content in the form of a revamped "Battle Adult Swim Dating A Gamer Expectation Vs Reality Quotes.

It's the first major first-party game for the Nintendo Switch following the launch of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on March 3. The game is a must-buy for most Nintendo Switch owners, not only because of the series' pedigree but also because of the lack of other games.

It's a colorful, vibrant puzzle game starring a young boy. After waking up on a mysterious island, your goal is to figure out what the heck is going on. How do you move forward past this puzzle? These are questions likely to be answered by the game when it arrives in May. Right at the end of the last generation, ina new franchise surprised gamers everywhere by taking a long-existing property — the Lord of the Rings — and turning it into something brilliantly modern and fresh.

That game was "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor," a stylish and gritty third-person action game in the vein of "Assassin's Creed.

Adult Swim Dating A Gamer Expectation Vs Reality Quotes

And in"Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor" is a getting a big new sequel: The original "Prey" didn't blow up as a major blockbuster, but it earned a respectable number of early fans when it came out soon after the Xbox 's launch.

The sequel, also named "Prey," is more spiritual successor than direct sequel — it's a first-person shooter with a focus on movement and special powers.

Like "Street Fighter" and "Mortal Kombat," the "Tekken" fighting game series has survived against many odds. While fighting games peaked in the s with the rise and fall of arcades, a scant handful of blockbusters managed to make the transition from arcade to home consoles successfully.

And hey, you can get into fights! Definitely think "Slapshot" over "Mystery, Alaska" Adult Swim Dating A Gamer Expectation Vs Reality Quotes. The "Red Dead" series is beloved by gaming fans, for its vivid storytelling as much as its massive open-world. Like "Grand Theft Auto," you're in control of a protagonist from the third-person perspective, and you navigate a massive open-world with missions, side missions, and all sorts of ridiculous characters.

The fastest blue hedgehog in the world, Sonic, is making yet another triumphant return. He's got a new game, currently dubbed "Project Sonic," and it's coming to a gaggle of game consoles. The game's being created by Sonic Team, the folks behind the best Sonic games in years — it looks to be the latest in the series' many, many re-boots attempting to create a great 3D Sonic game. Here's hoping it's a success!


Rumors pointed to it as a potential launch game for Nintendo's new game consolethe Switch, which arrives on March 3. Nintendo refuted that rumor in its big Nintendo Switch debut on January 13; the game is actually arriving in "holiday The Stick of Truth. The Fractured But Whole. This game was actually bumped out of to an undated "" window. The newest entry in the "God of War" franchise stars the same bald-headed marauder Chat Rooms Credit Card previous games, but Kratos looks a bit different than the last time we saw him.

Aside from that epic new beard, he's apparently moved on from the Grecian setting of previous games to a more domestic existence in a Norse setting. At the very least, he looks like he'll be playing the role of a mentor — Kratos is a dad now and there'll apparently be some interaction as the player using both Kratos and his son.

This is not the same vengeance-driven hyperviolent demigod we're used to seeing — and, frankly, good — but a slightly more reserved family man. The game is set in a near-future version of real-world city Detroit, Michigan, where the city is a manufacturing hub for artificially intelligent robots that look exactly like human beings.

It stars a robot named Kara — the first robot to "wake up" from servitude and demand freedom. The folks behind the beloved blockbuster action series "Uncharted" are creating the first-ever major standalone expansion in "The Lost Legacy.

A Thief's End" to play this game though if you bought the season pass you'll get it free. As you explore Adult Swim Dating A Gamer Expectation Vs Reality Quotes, you'll assuredly murder dozens of armed guards, leap from crashing planes at the last possible second, and casually quip while pulling it all off. Games can look awfully pretty with tons of special effects and high-resolution graphics, but they can also look awfully pretty when hand-drawn in earlyth-century style.

That's exactly what two Canadian brothers did with "Cuphead," a beautiful 2D game where you play as the eponymous Cuphead as he fights through boss after boss, while amazing orchestral music rises and falls appropriately in the background. The "Crackdown" franchise was a surprising delight on the Xbox It was one of the first superhero games to literally enable you to leap over a building, and it encouraged exploration with a meta-game of orbs you could optionally collect throughout the world — the more you collect, the more powerful your character becomes, so you were probably grabbing all of them.

Few games have felt more fun to simply move through than the "Crackdown" games, and "Crackdown 3" looks to be a continuation of that tradition.